Complete Architectural and Structural Engineering Design Services. Consultancy, Analysis and Design. Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures. Explicit and Creative Solutions.


KONIN is the family company specialized for Architectural, Civil / Structural Engineering Design and Supervision of various kinds of structures.

Founded in 1989, KONIN started its consulting services in ex-Yugoslavia and extended the areas of its professional activities in accordance with the growth of its experience, guaranteeing a high level of quality and accuracy and delivering on time. The company employs a core group of very talented and experienced Civil/Structural Engineers and Architects.


Architectural and Structural Engineering Design Services for complex Steel or Reinforcement Structures.

  • New Buildings Design. Residentia, Commercial and Industrial. Structural Analysis and Design.
  • Steel Structures.Structural Analysis and Design of complex steel structures.
  • Architectural Design. Work on all kinds of Architectural Design Project. Conceptual, Preliminary and Construction documentation.


KONIN is an Architectural and Structural Engineering Consulting firm which is specialized in the Structural Engineering and Designing. Our main goal is to offer Structural Engineering Services such as Designing, Consulting and Costruction.

Building Workshop

Structural Analysis and Design: Complete structural design service. Commercial, Residential & Industrial Buildings (Steel, Concrete and Timber)

Architectural Design

Work on all kinds of Architectural Design Projects. Conceptual, Preliminary Design and Construction Documentation.

Steel and concrete Structures

Steel / Concrete Industrial Buildings / Hall, Hangars, Tanks, Spatial Lattice Roofs

Civil Engineering

Services related: Pits | Retaining Walls | Special Foundation Engineering | Piles | Excavation Pit | Foundation Design & Analysis | Special Foundation Engineering.

Structural Engineering

Services related to Special Constructions: Machine Foundations | Wind Tower & Foundations | Antena Tower & Foundations | Building Dynamics | Earthquake Safety Cases | Bridges l Silos, Bunkers and Tanks | Tunnels Static & Dynamic Calculations | Pipe Supports and Pipe Rack.

Finite Element Method - FEA / FEM

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a powerful Engineering Analysis tool. With FEA / FEM method and analysis we validate your projects. We are experienced in Finite Element Analysis and have a strong working knowledge in analysis using NASTRAN / FEMAP.